Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Highly Compressed Full Game for PC

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Highly Compressed + Torrent Link

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Highly Compressed

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Highly Compressed is an action, adventure, and stealth open-world game where players can fight with advanced enemies. It is the story of Afghanistan when Russia’s invasion was on the way and they started the Cold War in 1984. As a main character, players can ride on the horse to cover the distance and use that horse in combat. In Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain for PC, there is no need to engage everyone. On the other hand, you need to fulfill the mission, quietly. Engaging with everyone can cause you to lose your life and your mission progress. The advanced enemy has advanced weapons including robots, so your equipments are also advanced. You can use your advanced equipment to disappear from the scene in terms of hiding from the enemy. Suddenly appearance players leave the enemy in shock and on this main time.

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Gameplay:

The gameplay is very interesting and smooth due to its optimization of graphics by the best algorithms. Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Torrent comes with intensive and detailed graphics. Even you can view the scars on the body and identify the color of the eyes. It is a stealth category game so it means that you can act and complete missions by using the abilities of the stealth. There is no need to face each enemy and gate guard, avoid them, and focus on your path to finish your tasks. The strategy you adopt to complete your task. You can apply different tactics to open your way from enemies gives you the best experience of the fight. You can use binoculars to view your enemies and targets that are far away from you. Sometimes, it helps you to identify the activity of your enemies to highlight them.

The Story of Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Full Updated:

The story starts in the hospital and a nurse is checking the patient on the bed. The patient is Big Boss. She ran away to call the doctor when he awakened from the coma after nine years of MSF’s Destruction in 1984. In Cyprus, a girl who is a Cipher assassin comes to kill him and Ishmael (A bandaged man) rescues him. They leave the hospital and try to escape from other soldiers of Cipher. They come with two superhumans the “Man of Fire” and the “Third Child”. Ishmael does not continue this escape act and loses his life in Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Gameplay. Then, Revolver Ocelot recovers Big Boss and they travel to a new mercenary group. Kazuhira Miller is the founder of the group “Diamond Dogs” near Seychelles. Big Boss chooses a name for his identity “Venom Snake” and starts the search for Cipher.

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Torrent

He participated in the Angolan Civil War and the Soviet-Afghan War. He begins to recruit MSF associate Dr. Huey Emmerich, Sniper Quiet, and Navajo Code Talker. Eli comes on the scene and he captures him because it is believed that he is the clone of Snake. Moreover, he is the leader of many children of other soldiers. A truth reveals to Snake that the leader of Cipher “Zero” is responsible for the destruction of MSF. To come back to the peace of Worl, Skull Face (The Leader of XOF) releases the parasite that can kill any English-speaking person. He releases the strain of the parasites and now he will use the threat of “Sahelanthropurs”. He thinks it is necessary to protect other cultures and for the peace of the world so that’s why everyone needs nuclear deterrence.

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Highly Compressed Free Download Full Version

Skull Face gets the access to remote and takes remote control of all weapons. But he does not want to use the AI for the weapon “Sahelanthropus” and it depends on the psychic abilities of the “Third Child”. Skull Face is attacked and injured by Third Child during the test. He crushed the “Man of Fire” with Sahelnthropus. Snake defeats this weapon and searches for all vials of the parasite. He finds that one of them is not here and Third Child takes one of them and gives it to Eli. Miller and Snake leave Skull behind but the doctor kills him.

After a long-time struggle Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Highly Compressed, the truth breaks the silence and the story tells us that the Venom Snake is not the real Big Boss. The injured Ishmael is the real one. As a decoy for BB, they transferred the medic through hypnotherapy and plastic surgery. After the death of Snake, Ocelot, and Miller arrange a meeting. They discuss the plan for the creation of Outer Heaven. But Miller is not interested in this matter. He selects the assistance side for Venom and the son of Big Boss “David”.

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Gameplay

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Key Features:

  • Comes with an open-world environment that allows you to go and explore the map even if you can go anywhere to make the best strategy.
  • Create a profile with your favorite name to save the gameplay where you leave and customize your character to make your playable character.
  • You can customize the controls and set keys according to your desires and comfortability so that the gameplay will be easy for you.
  • Restarting the mission is very helpful and useful because the game is saved at that moment when a player contains very low energy, health, or arms.
  •  Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Full Game has also a multiplayer mode in which you can play it with your friends to make new resources and defend your places with objectives.
  • Allows you to customize the arrangement and layout of the bases and recruit new soldiers to make points for security to secure your region.
  • Bases for Forward Operations are also configurable and you can design the compound according to your desire.
Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Gameplay

What’s New in the Latest DLC of Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain?

  • Comes with a new story and characters with a sequel to Metal Gears and has a lot of improvements in graphics and increases the smoothness of it.
  • You can explore the map and areas on foot and by any transport mode including cars, horses, and others.
  • Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Highly Compressed adds an AI companion that assists you in fighting against your enemies including protection, shooting down enemies, and helping you by attracting enemies.
  •  You can continue the game till the end and you have a task to kill less and perform an action to resolve issues more, due to its stealth focus strategies.
  • To cross the mountains, players can use the option of rock climbing to react at the peak and then pass them.
  • You have helicopter access and call the helicopter to assist you against your enemies by bombarding and setting the airstrike.
  • With the latest DLC, Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain for PC adds new maps that you can explore with new strategic locations and a new character that you can use to play it.

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System Requirements:

  • Game Name: Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Highly Compressed
  • Series: Metal Gears
  • Modes: Single-player and Multiplayer
  • OS: Windows 7 [64-bits]+
  • RAM [Memory]: 4GB
  • VRAM: 2GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4460
  • Free Storage on HDD: 28GB
  • Required: DirectX v11

How to Download, Install, and Play Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain?

  • Download the game from the “Download” button
  • Use any kind of extractor to extract all files
  • Run the installer file to install the game, directly
  • After that, open the installation folder
  • Run the shortcut icon and play the game
  • Make your profile and select the character to eliminate your enemies


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