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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Highly Compressed Download with Torrent

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Highly Compressed

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Highly Compressed is a historical action game that you can play it to eliminate beasts and humans to protect the world. It is about the story of China and consists of three different realistic dynasties. Each dynasty has its own rules and fighting skills with various kinds of weapons. It is necessary to survive till the end of the fight to continue the story. That is so horrific but enjoyable. Magic is a powerful technique to protect yourself and give more damage to the opponent. Using magic is very helpful and useful in terms of finishing the battle as soon as possible. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty for PC is a role-playing game. You can control the character fully and use skills to survive in the fight. The war between humans has started and beasts are interfering in the battle from various kingdoms’ sides.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Gameplay:

The game is not just historic but so much more realistic because of its real-time environment, 3D models, fighting ways, weapons, and story. The environment in it reflects the traditional and cultural development of China and its advancement at that time. You can explore different kingdoms and sites to eliminate the cruelty of the World to return the peace. The fire shows its impact that damages the character and destroys each thing that comes in its way. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Torrent comes with 3D characters that are playable and non-playable, it doesn’t matter. All costumes for characters are cultural and show their kingdom. You can easily identify your men and the soldiers of other sides. Using weapons from characters for battling in the war is also traditional including swords, archery (Bows and Arrows), Kwan Dao, shields, and others. It is an amazing game.

Fighting ways in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Full Game depend upon the usage of the weapon. You are free to select the weapon you want. Each weapon has its way of use and tricks to kill more and more enemies. Players can use different tricks with different weapons and each weapon has a different way of attack. Each attack has its cinematic scene that displays when you use it for the great and main attack. The story is historical and reflects the old age in the Kingdom era. It is about rebellions and the fall of the dynasty of Han that the demonic Qi corrupts. A hero rises in this era and starts the battle as a local soldier to protect the world. The player can play it as a hero and can use different types of powerful magic and weapons.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Torrent

The Story of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty:

It is the story of the three Zhang brothers who show themselves when China’s Han dynasty is busy eliminating the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184 CE. They are taking the most powerful medicine “Elixir” to take control of the dynasty. The name of the Elixir provider is Yu Ji. When the rebellion movement on its peak, they started to attack a rural village. At that time, the protagonist served as a soldier. He tries his full effort to reduce a Blindfolded Boy from them. He kills Zhang Liang (One of three) during the fight. When he is trying to escape with him by using magic. Then, suddenly, Yu Ji shows himself to capture the boy who is an embodiment of Yinglong “The dragon deity”. He ran away after getting the control of the dragon.

The player of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Free Download must find out the remaining two brothers so that he can liberate the spirit. The main character goes to the mountain and joins the military General Zhao Yun and his forces. They rescue a young sorceress “Hong Jing” and face Zhang Bao (one of the brothers). Then, the player and Jing join the three brothers Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Liu Bei. So that they can kill Bao. They helped him to join Sun Jian and Cao Cao as their servants. Both are the Han Generals with the task of eliminating the movement of rebellions. They succeed and find the leader of the rebellion “Zhang Jiao” who is killed by the game’s hero except he used the Elixir.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Highly Compressed Free Download with DLC

After that, the player with Jing returns home. Here they rescue the mentor “Zuo Ci” from a dangerous demon with the help of his divination magic. They find that a minister “Zhang Rang” is part of the rebellion movement to get more power. Then, they go after him to kill him in his palace. They fight against each other and eliminate various rebel leaders one after the other to destroy them, completely. Yu Ji is controlling the boy and he has full access to the power of Yinglong. But, the player of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Download for PC Highly Compressed can defeat him and rescue the boy from him. And the spirit of Yinglong destroys him for all time.

After the restoration of peace, they come with the boy and live in the hidden village of Hong Jing. After some years, Zuo Ci felt the presence of black magic due to the Elixir to prepare them for a new journey. The boy has still visions related to the coming wars between the new three kingdoms of Sun Quan, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Gameplay

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Key Features:

  • An advanced action game that comes with the story of three different kingdoms and their rivalry against each other.
  • Get an adventurous and war experience by battling with humans and beasts to eliminate them.
  • Rise of the rebellion against the Han dynasty to take control from the emperor by using dark magic.
  • You can customize your characters with various costumes and upgrade them to get more shields against the attack of your opponents.
  • Players of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Highly Compressed are the main character who is fighting for peace against the rebellion leaders so that they can dissolve the movement.
  • Upgrading your weapons is the way to destroy your enemies with less effort and high effectiveness.
  • Running, walking, stealth acting, jumping, riding, and hiding are skills that you can use in fighting to complete the game.
  • As players play it, the progress of the story goes as well and you can unlock new weapons and locations on the map.
  • Different stages have different climates and environments and you need to understand climates and take advantage of them.
  • Each rebellion leader is difficult to defeat and is more powerful than the previous one so you must be skillful.
  • Leaders in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Gameplay use dark magic and Elixir that convert them into beasts and make them more powerful and dangerous.
  • The Demonic Conversion of Leaders creates the difficulty and complexity in the battle and they will be more undefeatable.
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Gameplay

What’s New in the Latest DLC of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

  • Comes with a new story, gameplay, and graphics enhancement that provides you with a better experience of war and dark fantasy games.
  • Battles focus on strategies of the spirit “Qi” which increases when a player attacks the enemy and decreases when a player chooses defensive mode.
  • Qi provides a way that improve your attack to be more dangerous and powerful and you can use Martial Arts techniques with spells.
  • Adds Fatal Attack which is a powerful attack that players can use when they have low spirit levels and when enemies are unaware of him/her.
  • You can convert the spirit power into energy and use it with an attack to take more power with a little effort.
  • To use the wizarding spells, you need to increase the Morale Rank and then use any of them including ice weapons, Heaven’s Rage, and Blasting Flare.
  • With the New DLC, add a new chapter “Battle of Zhongyuan” to extend the story which the advancement of the army of Cao Cao to take control of the Zhongyuan, after his reign collapsed.
  • Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Ultra Compressed adds a new weapon “Cestus” that you can wear on your hand to give critical damage to your opponent without getting hurt.
  • New generals are coming including Dian Wei that players are going to face in the battle one after the other.
  • Introducing a new divine beast with enemies and demons so the game will be more fantastic and dangerous.

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System Requirments:

  • Game Name: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Highly Compressed
  • Modes: Single-player and multiplayer
  • OS: Windows 10 [64-bits]
  • RAM: 8GB
  • HDD: 60GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8400
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1650
  • VRAM: 4GB
  • Required: DirectX v12

How to Play Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

  • First of All, download Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Full Updated from the link.
  • Close your antivirus to unzip all files, once.
  • Now, run the wolongfallendynasty.iso file.
  • Mount files and then run the installer files one by one.
  • It is necessary to install all files into the same installation folder.
  • After that, run the game and play it alone or with your friends.

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