Prince Of Persia Highly Compressed Download Full Version [256MB]

Prince Of Persia Highly Compressed Free Download For PC

Prince Of Persia Pc Highly Compressed

Prince Of Persia Highly Compressed is a war and strategic game that allows you to fight against humans and monsters and get golden coins. The series especially has an action-based game that has all the latest features in it. Multiple franchises and companies grew and distributed new versions of this game with time. Broderbund released the first two versions, Shadow and the Flame, and Prince of Persia 2, in 2001. Another series, Price of Persia 3D, has become the most successful version, the PC Learning Company published it, and Red Orb Entertainment developed it.

Prince Of Persia Torrent has won many awards for the first time in history, using 3D graphical effects and cinematic visuals that allow players to experience the same as the real world. In 2003, Ubisoft launched an unbeatable version called the Prince of Persia The Sand of Time Download. A film has also been made based on this Twice rebooted series, released in 2010 by Wait Disney. Successful journey credit goes to the Assassin’s Creed version and a Lego line visual novel. An original video game with more than 23 platforms is one of the most demanding and ported versions of The Price of Persia.

Prince Of Persia Gameplay

The storyline is drawing towards a lost Iranian prince who is in search of his destination. The main idea about a game outline is derived from many inspirational sources like night stories and films (Adventures of Robin Hood, Raiders of Lost Ark). It uses the rotoscoping technique to create an animated protagonist character. The third-person action game is a puzzle-platforming series. In the beginning, Mechner owned the prince’s property; due to some defects and failure in the 3D version, their new aim, along with the working team, was to create a highly efficient version, to make it a top-rated game in the market. Mechner left before the success of “The Sand of Time,” but he advised creating a high stereo sound level and slightly darker environment than the previous one. 

An undefeatable hero holds a mythic proportion of powers. He comes back with the ability to reach his destination, Fabolous fighting skills, and defying gravity approaches as the third person in the action gaming system. An outstanding achievement with technological breakthroughs changed the gaming future when “THE SAND OF TIME” was introduced. With the fantastic unlimited features variation, behold the future, in real-time, can freeze the present world and erase the past. The game allows you to get experience from the vast kingdom and roam around the exotic worlds. In Prince Of Persia Highly Compressed, players have a good attraction to the medieval prince’s mystery, determined with landscape staggering to explore and win the domain. The struggle of adding more twists and thrill in the tale leads Persian creatures to end their lives

Prince of Persia Highly Compressed PC Game with Torrent

Later on, the game faced little criticism due to the changes, but the customer purchasing rate towards “The Sand of Time” reached an unbeatable level. Therefore a titled game (two thrones) was launched in the market. Developers maintain Cartoon tone lights all over the city. The company launched its three original and downloadable games for the PlayStation Store in North America. It comes in the Blu-ray version with extended rates in 2011. You will explore and combat the game with uniqueness. Prince Of Persia Download for PC features help to enhance your agility and strength during the mission. Players should try to traverse the palace by avoiding traps, making time well leaps, running through the walls, jumping back and forth in increasing order, solving puzzles, and finding hidden objects as bonus points to get further benefits in the game.

To avoid overpowering the enemy, players are advised to rebound off the wall. So that they can easily vault over the enemy’s back with a decisive strike and then kill them with one single hit. The Player can freeze, reverse time-lapse, and even travel into the past. Moreover, you can block enemy sword attacks by slowing down the time.

Prince Of Persia Pc Highly Compressed

Prince of Persia Key Features

  • Hourglass is the most beneficial feature as it allows control over time
  • Classic story of the prince helps to explore his life struggle and determination
  • Thirst person action that full of thrill and adventure
  • All the locations, events, and characters are directly belonging to Persian incidents
  • Players can explore Persian cities and routes through the different campaigns
  • Enhanced graphical features to increase your gaming pleasure
  • 3D visual and cinematic graphic effects are very eye-catching
  • Background soundtracks are unique

Steps To Install Prince of Persia Highly Compressed Video Game:

  • The game requires all essential files to download and run smoothly on your PC
  • When you download the game, it provides all the further steps and the latest updated files to start
  • Download the game file and go to the game library to find the Prince of Persia file link
  • The next step is to download through the link
  • Use WinRAR to unzip the file
  • Open the installer and accept all terms and conditions
  • Enter a suitable password so that you can step into the game
  • Double-click on the game icon; now, you are ready to explore the prince’s world

Prince of Persia System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, and Windows (SP3)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Pixel shader: 3.0
  • Hard disk space: 8 GB
  • Processor: 2.6GHz Intel Pentium Core/Athlon AMD 643800+
  • Video Card: 256 MB, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GTX series

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