PUBG PC Highly Compressed Full Version Game Download for PC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC Highly Compressed with Torrent

PUBG PC Highly Compressed

PUBG PC Highly Compressed is the most famous battle royale game in which it is necessary to survive till the end of the battlefield to win the match. You can play it online with a powerful internet connection in Ultra HD quality. So that, you can get a full experience of realism in the virtual environment. PUBG PC Crack Download comes with a first-person perspective shooting mode and a third-person perspective shooting mode. Due to its high customization flexibility, players can change their perspective anytime in the match. A lot of kinds of weapons with various categories are part of it and you can customize them as well. Collecting the loot is a way to collect the gears of weapons and fit them to enhance the weapon capabilities. Players can use a med kit to increase their level of health so that they can recover from the damage.

The gameplay of PUBG PC Full Updated:

It is a multiplayer game in which at least 2 persons are necessary to start the match. You can make a team of 4 people with your friends or others to play any kind of match. It has advanced algorithms that can make a random team from the list of online players or add teammates from AI bots. The main purpose of PUBG PC Full Game is to complete missions by playing various matches. It has different kinds of matches including Ranking Matches, Unrank Matches, Practice, and Training Center. To achieve a higher rank in the game, you need to play the ranked matches and eliminate more enemies. After each ranked match, you get rewards by completing missions and points that add to previous points for ranking. Moreover, you can get more rewards after changing the rank.

PUBG PC Torrent

PUBG PC Ultra Compressed has different kinds of maps with different environments and planes. It includes a map from the desert, one from the jungle, one from the ice-covered land, etc. You can select any kind of classic map and ready the game. After selecting the map, you can invite friends or it can automatically complete the team as well as the lobby. Each map has its own area and timeframe to complete the match. After some time, a blue color zone starts to stretch and at that time, players need to cover the distance and reach into the circle. Remaining in the zone is a bad thing for players. Because it gives you damage until you leave the zone or you will die. A recall system is also available. So that you or your teammates can recall you or others in the match from the recall tower.

PUBG PC Highly Compressed Free Download with Patch [100MB]

It allows its players to buy costumes, weapons, or other related things to enhance and improve the appearance and damage effects. PUBG PC Torrent has the game-in money “UC (Unkown Cash)”. It allows you to purchase and open the crate to get equipment. You can collect the money during the match of classic maps. You can use it to buy your required weapon from the store. In addition, you can chat with each other by sending messages or by voice using the microphone. PUBG PC Highly Compressed allows you to chat with your teammates or all players. You can hear them by changing the settings. It means that it is not just a game but a chatting platform as well. You can send different collections of different equipment and rewards to others. You can also send friend requests to others. It is totally online.

PUBG PC Gameplay

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PUBG PC Key Features:

  • It is an open-world game in which you can explore the maps to get the weapons, and equipment, and find your enemies to eliminate them.
  • You can make a profile to start the main game and you can select any gender and character after customizing him/her.
  • Running, jumping, crouching, laying down, walking, flying, riding, and driving make the gameplay experience more realistic.
  • Players can take aim directly or by scope for the elimination of the enemies and they can make their own strategy to play the match in PUBG PC License Key.
  • After winning the match on the classic map, you get the reward of a trophy as a “Chicken Dinner” which is the highest level of reward.
  • There are 100 persons jumping from the plane to parachute to the island and collect the weapons so that you can eliminate your enemies.
  • You can eliminate your enemy with a single headshot that saves you time and arms or you can kill them by open fire.
  • Unlock the skins and use them to cover yourself and camouflage with the environment to hide from others.
  • A lot of weapons are in the game including rifles, snipers, pistols, grenades, LMGs, SMGs, and others.
  • The wonderful thing about this game is that players can eliminate others by hitting them cars and they can also explode them.
  • Walk or run carefully when you are on the roof of buildings and avoid jumping from them because it takes your health.
  • PUBG PC Highly Compressed gives a reporting system by which any player can report anyone if they view any kind of illegal activity that violates the policy of the game.
  • Under 18 cannot play the game with continuity because it sets the time for them to avoid game addiction.
PUBG PC Gameplay

What’s New in the Latest Season of PUBG PC?

  • Introduces DLC and seasons after a specific amount of time so that players cannot feel bored.
  • All events come with new costumes, weapons, skins, and places and these events have a lot of equipment and weapons.
  • PUBG Download for PC comes with a lot of improvements related to the map after getting feedback from the players and fixing the issue related to the two replay generations.
  • Improved visuals of the central area of the map of Erangel because players visit this area with a lower ratio.
  • Enhancing the perspective in the area of Mylta to navigate easily and accurately for the purpose of attracting players.
  • Optimize and increase the level of smoothness with respect to the gameplay and improved navigational options and the distribution of loot.
  • Collaborates with KFC in the Erangle map and here you can get fresh chicken with other loot by exploring it.
  • Be prepared for the upcoming new events related to KFC and the transformation of the gas station into the KFC stores.
  • In the KFC store, any player can utilize the kiosk to get the KFC Chicken Combos at the start of the game and in phase 4.
  • In PUBG PC Highly Compressed, you can get the Combo as a reward that consists of KFC Drink, KFC Chicken Bucket, KFC Secret Recipe Fries, etc.
  • Get the Thermal 4K Scope that you can use to eliminate to detect your enemies who are hidden in darkness, smoke, and foliage.
  • Applies match logs and kill feeds to Custom Match modes, Ranked matches, Normal matches, and Intense Battle Royale matches.

System Requirements:

  • Game Name: PUBG PC Highly Compressed
  • Series: PUBG Universe
  • Modes: Multiplayer
Operating SystemWindows 7/8+ [64-bits]
Storage on HDD40GB
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4430

How to Install and Play PUBG PC?

  • Go to the download button and download it
  • Turn off the firewall and open the download folder
  • Extract all files with its hacks
  • Run the installer and copy the key to activate hacks
  • Paste it into the required place
  • After that, connect your profile with any social media profile
  • Play the game by starting ranked matches to get the high ranks

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